OpenBSD Packet Filter + NAT Webmin Module

This is a Webmin module that I wrote for the OpenBSD 3.1 Packet Filter/NAT Firewall software. Im not a perl man by nature so I sort of hacked this together one day out of necessity for a GUI interface to the Filter and NAT rules. This module is only designed for OpenBSD 3.1 and I have no idea if it will work on other platforms. OpenBSD 3.2 uses different rule files so it will not work under 3.2 without some modification. If someone wants to take this source code and improve it, that would be excellent. The Webmin module is downloadable and contains all the source needed. If you already have Webmin installed, you can download the module directly from inside webmin and it will install and configure it for you. Please check the module configuration after install to make sure the file path's are correct for your system.

Webmin is an excellent program that has saved me hours of time while learning to setup and run various non-windows boxes. Thank you to everyone that supports it!